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since 2o11 we have been developing, realising and supporting brands & concepts worldwide

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  • would you like to outsource work in order to concentrate more on your core business? 
  • are you looking for an appealing, contemporary web presence? 
  • do you want to create or revise your corporate identity? 
  • are you thinking of using your 50+ experience for your own entrepreneurship? 
  • achieve more online presence in order to be better perceived on the market? 
  • would you like to be present with your company in other markets or represent them? 

we are here for you!




Download LOEVENS Go.Green Policy Fact Sheet

Green behaviour and ways how we can contribute.

Looking respectfully at the image of tomorrow gives us the responsibility to rethink our behaviour in dealing with all kinds of natural resources.

We have committed ourselves to questioning and reducing our ecological footprint, the result of which we have put into action.

Thinking and acting - in 2011 we decided to introduce our own environmental policy also in our small world of decisions - and created the corporate seal for online businesses to make our philosophy of green behaviour visible to all.

If you would like to know more about the implementation of our Go.Green Policy, you can download a factsheet by clicking on this link.


TIME FOR CLIENTS - As owner managed agency the direct contact with our clients is essential. We are investing our international knowledge for the support of clients and their benefit.

FAIR BUDGETS - Managing budgets is essential for success in business. Hidden costs are not part of our policy.

SHARING IS CARING - Our international experience and knowledge is more than support for customers, it does also prevent for mistakes or unexpected costs.

HANDS-ON - Our support is far more than sharing knowledge by consulting the client - taking care of outsourced tasks is part of our virtual assistance full service.






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