M O D U L E   W E B S I T E S

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The website is your shop window to the world.

It may be beautiful - but it must be up-to-date.

Many DIY module websites look like DIY.
We work with module website technology according to
current strategic and marketing orientation.

Every module website requires time and attention.
Not every company can give this attention,
so we have set ourselves the goal of taking advantage of the modular
programmes to offer our customers an all-round service.

The company website should not only be up-to-date and attractive,
but also the work of updating should be regularly
be carried out regularly.

We are happy to advise you free of charge. Contact us


With the MODUL-WEB service we offer exactly the right thing, updating included: consulting, strategy and development and then implementation in the module system. Integration of your texts and images, SEO positioning and geo-marketing, Fair and fixed conditions.


Exclusively location-independent (remote) 100% online, paperless for the sake of the environment; phone support and Skype meetings (efficient and coordinated) without time-consuming meetings; hosting partner and module provider only in the EU


Small and medium-sized enterprises; freelance professions; one-man businesses; agencies; tradespeople; art and music creators; product websites: Gastronomy. And tomorrow maybe you?

1000+ Options

The template concept with integrated widgets not only enables a cost-efficient website design, it also opens up a wealth of design options in fonts, colour, size and of course content.

We will be happy to consult you! Just get in touch, the initial consultation is free of charge.

  • Templates in many different designs...
  • Formats...
  • Navigation levels...
  • Design changes...
  • Content creation...
  • Adaptation to the needs...
  • Web pages reflecting Corporate Identity...
  • Various statements...
  • Market communication...
  • Efficiant adaptation...
  • Modern or timeless design...
  • Compromised to the theme...
  • SEO keywords...
  • Search engine friendly....
  • With GEO Marketing - so that your website also becomes known...

Template selection by World4You Internet Service - Our Austrian hosting and cloud partner.

Services for your Website



Concept planning and creation

Advice on the selection of the module system
Web module preparation

Implementation within the system defined with the client
Integration of system widgets
Web design with photos and texts provided by the client
SEO keywords integration
Photo and text editing

Automatic display adjustment

Recommendations related to regulationsª:
Data protectionª
GDPRª as well as media- and trade legislationª.

Advice on market communication and content design
Geo-marketing campaign

Minimum contract period 12 months
Package change possible during the contract period
Additional services on request


Service package**  "Business"
with 1 update per month
only € 899* one-time plus € 99* per month

Service package**  "Enterprise"
up to 4 updates per month
only € 899* one-time plus € 199* per month

(Prices valid from 15.5.2023)
* all enterprise prices plus VAT according to Austrian tax law.
** the costs for the module system selected together with the customer can naturally not be foreseen and are therefore not included in our prices.


Online shop integration and creation in combination with WEB SITE service package
in the selected module system with system-specific shop widget, one-off from € 599*

Monthly service fee from € 49*
Up to 5 product updates per week included, more on request

*Minimum contract period 12 months
Additional services on request.

(Prices valid from 15.5. 2023)
* All business prices plus VAT according to Austrian tax law.



Do you already have a module website?
Maybe via JIMDO or World4You that needs some professional updating?

This is exactly what we offer tailored to your needs:

Analysis to determine the overall condition of your website.
Free quotation.


Implementation with existing or new texts.
Formatting of existing or new photos.

SEO keyword update.
Recommendations related to regulationsª:
Data protectionª
GDPRª as well as media- and trade legislationª.


Proposal for regular website maintenance

Geo Marketing Services so that your "new" website and thus    your company gets more attention.


Service package "Update"
from € 299* one-time

Service package "Professional"
from € 199* one-time plus from € 49* per month*

Minimum contract period 12 months
Additional services on request.

(Prices valid from 15.5. 2023)
* all business prices plus VAT according to Austrian tax law.
ª we do not offer legal advice, therefore all recommendations are to be checked by appropriate bodies for their legal certainty.

We are happy to consult you free of charge: Contact us