connecting people + brands.

online + remote

T H E   A G E N C Y

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A network,
that shapes the present remotely

LOEVENS when it comes to attention... 

for you, for your company or your plans.

As a well-coordinated team, we support people in planning and successfully shaping their innovative opportunities, in order to open up new paths in a sustainable economic environment.

We know markets and use this knowledge to link brands, content, business and experiences on the basis of modern creativity.

We are the network that shapes the present
and supports companies.

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LOEVENS online & remote marketing agency
is independent and partner-managed.

Being located in the heart of Europe with only +/- 6 hours time difference to our markets, gives us customer proximity and flexibility.

With cooperations, we are one of the agencies that are also active in Asia, North and South America with strong professionals and suppliers.

As a marketing and strategy agency, we rely on the interaction
of experience, analysis, data and development.

Through an integrated remote online approach, automation and the use of market knowledge, we support our international clientele efficiently and in line with the times.

Every client and every project deserves the greatest possible attention, 

which is why we apply the 1 project 1 partner principle, so that every client has only one contact person while we look after their project.

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When it comes to sustainability
in advertising 

P@perless or Green Policy has been practised by us for many years. 

In its implementation we include customers and suppliers as well as our projects with goal to increase sustainability.